University of Tampere Teacher Training School

The Tampere University Teacher Training School is affiliated with the School of Education, and it works in close collaboration with the university in pedagogy and research.

The Teacher Training School offers basic education (grades 1–9), primary school, lower secondary and as well as upper secondary education.

In addition to teaching, teacher training schools are responsible for offering teacher training and supervision of the training, opportunities to carry out experiments and research as well as further education.

The upper secondary affiliated with the Tampere University Teacher Training School has approximately 250 students.

The students’ ages are, for the most part, between 16 and 19. Students generally complete their upper secondary studies in three years, but completing them in 2.5–4 years is also possible. The Teacher Training School trains future teachers in a very structured way.

Administratively, the school is part of the Tampere University School of Education. In all other respects, the school enjoys great independence. There are 900 students in the Teacher Training School, and every year around 300 student teachers complete their training at this institution.

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Aulikki Leisku-Johansson