In today’s European society there are more ways in which money can change hands and circulate the economy, than ever before. And methods particularity digital methods for buying things is increasing daily so that it is easy to be confused by the huge range of possibilities.

On the other hand there are also more ways a person can invest their money ranging from old fashioned methods such as investing in stocks and shares to modern and often not so well understood concepts such as bit-coins?

Understanding this minefield of opportunities to both spend and invest money is complicated, particularly for young people. The impetuous youth may think they are onto a good thing only to find they have lost money through unwise choice.

The project is therefore designed to provide older school age children and students with a comprehensive and easy to access guide to managing their money now and hopefully throughout their whole life.

This is something that is currently missing from the schools curriculum but which represents a key life skill, and also has many commercial attributes and employability skills attached to it.

It could be used by students directly or as part of a basic finance awareness package. The basic ethos of the project is ‘what I wish I had been taught about finance when I was at school’, and will develop basic life skills: Starting your journey of personal finance understanding.

The project will produce and pilot a training course on how young people can manage their money and be aware of the various opportunities and threats throughout their lives in relation to money.

We will then develop a training programme (curricula) which is modular format to teach students how to manage their money. The training course will be supported by a series of 10 instructional videos which will allow the course to be accessed remotely as an e-learning option.

Additionally we will produce a series of worksheets which will make up a workbook, which will allow students to work remotely and complementary to the training course and the instructional videos.