Multiplier Event Italy

Date: 28th May 2019
Venue: Credem Bank Auditorium – Reggio Emilia
The event has been organized in partnership with Bank of Italy, The Savings Foundation and Credem, a national bank (3 partners were requested).
The general purpose of the event was to explore the theme of Financial education in schools, with a focus on high schools.
Bank of Italy introduced Financial education, why it is important to do it in schools and what is being done nationally.
The Savings Foundation explained how financial educations integrates with savings and wise investing practices, mentioning their programmes.
Credem spoke about day by day financial issues and what young people are asked and expected to know after high school/university when they start dealing with a bank.
IESS presented and spoke about PFP (national and international research, modules, courses, materials and training and testing, etc …)