3rd Transnational Project Meeting


‘It is not really what you have, but how you manage what you have!’

The 3rd meeting of the Erasmus+ School Project entitled ‘PFP – Personal Finance Programme’ was successfully organised in Tampere, Finland last Thursday and Friday, 15th and 16th of November 2018.

All partners were really excited to revise the various modules prepared which will help young people to manage their money and be aware of the various opportunities and threats especially in on-line purchasing.

All Modules – Bank Accounts & Savings,  Internet Security Banking, Wages, Salaries & Payslips, Taxes, Budgeting, Borrowing Money, Mortgages, Insurance, Investing and Pensions were analysed and modified to target the needs of young people in each partner country.

The next steps related to the production of motivational videos were discussed, as well as the strategy for the dissemination of the project and the promotion of its products and results. and