Personal finance curricula and training programme

In Intellectual Output 2 will develop an agreed curriculum, using the primary research carried out on the target group during Intellectual output 1.
The agreed curriculum will then be developed into a modular training course which will be flexible in its manner of delivery.
The pedagogical considerations of the material will be central to the process.
The training course will be written along with instructions and tips on how best to deliver it, and a background rationale to justify why it is an appropriate course to deliver to this particular target group
The written training course will be modified to be available on-line.
==> PFP modules & Infographic
  • Budgeting
  • Borrowing Money
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages & Buying your First House
  • Investing, Shares & Compounding
  • Bank Accounts & Savings
  • Internet Security
  • Wages & Understanding your Pay Cheque
  • Pensions