Instituto Europeo Studi Superiori

IESS is a secondary school with a strong international vocation, open to innovation and new technologies, offering balanced curricula of European languages and culture, humanities and sciences.

IESS is an innovative educational project in terms of both contents and methods, which places not curricula but students in the centre of the learning process, helping them to become protagonists of their own learning.

IESS is a modern school, with digital classrooms, cutting edge ICT technologies, personal iPads for both teachers and students and text books also in digital format.

IESS is a new way of schooling, closer to its students, based on more interesting and stimulating lessons, active participation of students to lessons, use of the Internet also in the classroom and the most advanced teaching methods.

IESS is a new way of learning, focusing less on notions and more on contents, based on method and constant commitment, continuous assessment of results and continuous dialogue between students and teachers.

IESS is a facilitating environment for teaching and learning, where both teachers and students enjoy a rich, stimulating experience.

IESS is a project of excellence, supported by carefully selected teachers, that invests in training and research. IESS is an efficient organisation, run with managerial criteria and attentive to the needs and opportunities of the job market.

IESS is a state-approved private school, offering access to all university programmes, promoted by a Non-Profit Organisation that courageously invests in the future.

Contact Details:
Ugo Barilli