The development of a personal finance training programme will support individuals in acquiring and developing a primary key competence which will impact on their ability to manage their own finances and gain a wider understanding of how money works, and can work for them. 


Direct Target group:
  • Young People (14-21 years old)
Indirect Target Groups:
  • Teachers 
  • Youth Organisations
  • Local Secondary Schools
  • Banks
  • Local Businesses
  • Education and Training Institutions 
  • Universities, Colleges
  • Public Institutions and Social Services
  • Associate Partners
  • Local Community Organisations 
  • Mortage advisors
  • Board of Directors
  • Parents 


  • Produce a pilot training course on how young people can manage their money and be aware of the various opportunities and threats throughout their lives in relation to money and develop curricula with supporting videos and documents ​
  • Produce a series of worksheets which will allow students to work remotely and separately to the instructional video and a student information booklet​